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Gracie is currently at Children's Hospital and they do not anticipate that she will be home for Christmas. All prayers are appreciated.

Quick Facts About Gracie

Born: Sept. 27, 2004
Diagnosis: Urea cycle disorder (Citrullinemia)

What is it?
Citrullinemia stems from a deficiency of argininosuccinic acid synthetase

It is suspected that the gene defect for citrullinemia is an autosomal recessive genetic trait and is unknowingly passed down from generation to generation. This faulty gene only emerges when two carriers have children together and pass it to their offspring.

Signs & Symptoms:
Symptoms are hyper ammonia accompanied by lack of appetite, vomiting, listlessness, seizures, and coma. Onset is usually at birth, but symptoms may not be noticeable for days or weeks.

Long term effects:
When left untreated, brain damage, coma and death will occur.

Treatment may include high-caloric, protein-restricted diet, arginine supplementation, administration of sodium benzoate and sodium phenylacetate. Dialysis may be necessary in some affected individuals.

There is no cure for this except for a liver transplant, which we have decided to go for Gracie, as this would greatly improve her quality of life, and possibly give her a longer lifespan. We ask that you help us by praying for her, as that’s the only reason she’s still with us and is doing as well as she is. When Gracie was at her worst she had fixed pupils so they were not responding to light, and they had declared her brain dead! Her ammonia level got as high as over 500 when normal is between 9-33. She was on dialysis, she had a blood transfusions, plasma, she was on life support, and had lines going in and out of her little body all over, but praise God answered our prayers and brought our little girl through it all!

We are pleased to announce that Gracie received a liver transplant on Feb. 8th, 2006 at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Her transplant did away with her disorder and now presents her with some new challenges. This was the fourth time she had been called up for a transplant. The previous three times the potential risks outweighed the potential benefit so we returned home. Gracie is currently on two anti-rejection medications as well as six other medications. She had a rejection at 10 days post transplant that was treated successfully with medication. Gracie was able to return home on March 2nd and was admitted to the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital on March 6th. She was admitted due to fever which among other things can be a sign of rejection. While at the hospital she was treated for infection with high dose intravenous antibiotics. She also underwent surgery to remove her mediport (a surgically implanted intravenous access). Her fever broke and she returned home on the 13th. Gracie has a long recovery ahead with follow up care at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital two to three times a month as well as Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia once a month. There are still many needs for Gracie’s recovery and continuing medical care. Gracie is still in need of your prayers. She is currently doing well and through it all she continues to smile. You may keep updated by going to Gracie’s website at or

Gracie S.

Contributions can be made at any First National Bank in Gracie’s name

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The song you hear playing was written by The Galloways "Saving Grace" (the song you hear playing now) about two years ago that seemed to be about Gracie. We were amazed how a song written two years before Gracie was born could so perfectly fit her life today